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Bowhunters will have their day

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Bowhunters will have their day
Tuesday, September 13, 2005
For the Star-Ledger
It was a week after the 2003 black bear hunt ended. George Howard, then a member of the state Fish and Game Council, was talking about bowhunting and bears. The subject came up because the bear hunt, while successful, left New Jersey's 52,000 bowhunters out in the cold. Only gun hunters were allowed to participate in the 6-day black bear season.
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Corzine is at the top of the Democratic Party in N.J.," advises one group's Web site. "He has the power to make the bear hunt go away!"
This guy is bad news for NJ hunters![down]
Anyone from the Democratic Party would be bad for all us, Hunters and Non Hunters......It would be nice to have at least one day to hunt bears with the bow[up]
Unfortunately the state is filled with these left wing liberal idiots.

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