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Bow work... check out these prices.

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Youth prices: 50% off for all services.(16yrs old & under)
Youth Lessons are 50% off. (16yrs old & under)
Female prices: 10% off all services.
Female lessons: 10% off.

If its not listed, just ask.

Archery Repair/Install:

Bow work: $45/hr (1hr minimum charge) (includes work such as; replacing axles, shims, cams, limbs, risers, harness systems, drilling and tapping holes, etc.) (cost of parts not included)

Bow/archer setup: $35/hr (1hr minimum charge) (includes; helping the archer find the proper draw length, draw weight and accessories best suited for their style of shooting. The bow is then set up to these specs.)

Bow Press: ($5.00) for each use of the press. (such as: peep installs, kisser buttons, etc,.

String loop installed: ($5.00)

New braided center serving (re-serve): (shorty= $5.00, regular=$5.50, long= $6.00)

Bow Tuning:

Bow Tune-up: ($20.00) to check and adjust for proper; Timing (synchronization), centershot, nocking point level, string/cables waxed.

Ultimate Bow Tune-up: ($40.00) to check and adjust for proper; cam timing (synchronization), centershot, nocking point level, string/cables waxed, laser cam alignment (including shims if necessary), axles lubed, tolerances and specs checked and set to factory.

Paper-tuning: ($15.00 per 1/2 hour)

Group-tuning: ($15.00 per 1/2 hour)


Shooting lessons: ($45.00) per 1 hour session. Work on consistency, bow arm, shoulder and hand placement. Proper draw weight and length checked. Solid anchoring techniques taught. We also cover the often overlooked mental aspects of shooting. If you have trouble getting tight groups, or suffer from some slight form of target panic, these lessons are for you!

“Overcoming Target Panic” special lessons: ($60.00 per 2 hour session) 1/2 hour of "classroom" learning and 1.5 hours of learning shooting exercises on the range. Along with a special shooting schedule to follow, helping you overcome your target panic. *(I followed the same schedule and overcame one of the worst cases of target panic you could imagine).

If you need work done to your bow, or need help shooting, contact me at; [email protected]:)
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You going to start charging me now?
Mike, Ive been tallying up your tab. You might want to look into a second mortgage...:p :D
You ain't kiddin.
you should have posted this a month ago....too late more messing with the bow this year
you should have posted this a month ago....too late more messing with the bow this year
I was hesitant for two reasons. I wasnt 100% certain Id be working in conjunction with Nick at East link, and secondly I didnt really want to advertise on here. I didnt feel right trying to drum up business with my "internet friends"....but I guess there is no harm.

Just keep me in mind in the future...I always enjoy working on bows and helping out fellow archers![up]

Have a good one---Matt:)
If you need work done to your bow, or need help shooting, contact me at;
what about mileage? lol
Hey Matty, My pop brought in his bow to to Nicks place get worked on. Did you do the work on it? His name is Jim.
No SRB, I was working my other job, and missed a few jobs. Im not sure who Nick got to do the work, but Im glad it got done. I wouldnt want to leave anyone hanging right before the season. Thats why its best to contact me first, to try and arrange something. Nick calls me, but sometimes Im away at my other job.
I'm gonna try to devote more time to Nicks shop though.

Woj, no travelling bow tech anymore---That was just for Kris since he created this site![up] I figured it was a good way to repay him for this awesome place! Plus it was just great to meet him, made a new friend! Hes a great guy![up]
You going to start charging me now?
Ut oh :eek:
I think you just lost half your " friends " :D

Great prices Matty.
Shame the cost of gas would kill me to get work done.
But then again my new Switchback is shootin' great, so I'm not touchin' NUTTIN'
Matty, I'm not sure if the bow is ready yet. I stopped by the shop today but they're closed on Tuesdays. I hope its ready tommorrow
SRB, It should be done. I got Nicks messages on Monday, and called him up right away. I asked if any of the work still needed to be done, and he said it was already done. So Im guessing you can probably pick up the bow today. Give him a call first.

What exactly did your dad need done to the bow?

Paul, no need to travel all the way up here for bow work. But if you ever happen to be up this way, and need something done you know where to go.;)
well Matty, i do all my own but your prices are really fair and diddo to what Dawgs said bout doing this a little earlier.
Where are you located?

I currently don't need anything done, I'm just curious.

The shop is located at 206 Landing Rd, in Landing NJ 07850.

Great shop, even if you dont need bow work, they have a great supply of fishing and hunting equipment, with rock bottom prices. Nick is very knowledgeable and friendly to boot. [up]
Hey Matty, can you teach proper use of a back tension release? I am thinking about switching on my spot bow, and also maybe for 3d. I already shoot my trigger with BT, but want to try a stan release to see if I can improve my scores?

Matty, Pop needed his bow tuned down as low as possible.Wih him being as sick as he is its really taken a toll on his strength.. Unfortunatley this afternoon he went to pick up his bow and it was still to hard for him to pull back. I dont know what he is going to do now.
Dan, yes I can teach you backtension. I have a stanslawski back tension release aid you can try if you want. If you already understand proper back tension, it shoudlnt be hard to learn. Email me and we can work something out. At first your scores will probably drop, but as you become accustomed to it, you will see a dramatic increase in accuracy.

Scrubby, What poundage and draw is he looking for? Right handed I assume. I may be able to work out a deal with a bow I have here. What is his current bow? Maybe a trade, or cash and a trade. Email me all that info, and I will try and help him out if I can. Hopefully we can get him squared away. [up]

Have a good one guys.

[email protected]
Matty, you have mail.
Matty.... What the F______ ! You don't work on Traditional Bows?

[down]Thats 1, Matty[down]
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