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I used to have one. Great little press.

If you put some thought into setting it up on the bow, you can do anything with that, that you can do with a fullsize press. Completely remove string and cables, break the bow down and remove the limbs, reassemble, etc.

Also, the split limb adaptors are not flimsy. They definitely hold up.

Thing is, somethings can be a little more cumbersome to do with that press when compared to a full size.

The RAM ratchet lock is another one to consider. I've used that one pretty extesively too. Biggest thing with that one is, I don't feel nearly as safe trying to do certain things. If you don't start with enough strap and you make a significant change to the bows axle to axle (for any number of reasons), you may end up with the strap slipping through as you bring it back to a relaxed position.
It also gets in the way of a lot of procedures and is much more bulky than the bowmaster.

All that said though, some people like that one better.

When it boils down to it, I think the bowmaster is the better portable press. And if you only need it for emergency field repairs on an out of state hunt, or just the occasional maintenance. It's perfect.

If you'll be working on bows more regularly, you'll need a good fullsize press.

If you're "handy", there are several designs for "diy presses" on Archery Talk as well.
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