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Bow - Can I Come Over?

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Anyone have any hay bales in their backyard set up for bow practice? If so, can I come over? :D

Hopefully, you are closer than the Layton range. Supposedly Black River range is closed until after Labor Day. [sad]
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Drag, you can come over my house and shoot, I have a 30 yard range in the backyard with a large backstop.

Im right over in Landing, which is probably like ten minutes away from you.

The only thing is, you cant laugh at my ******* back yard, and tiny house....other than that....your welcome to come on over, I can even tie on that string loop for you if you want.;) Bow-press, scale etc....any work on the bows, I can do it.[up]

I kind of need a new bag target, and block of foam, but it works for now. If you want to bring the deer target over too, thats cool....

Whatever though, email me if you seriously want to come shoot. Then we can figure it out from there.---Matt

MPEMT, your welcome to come here too.
Yeah well I live in a small 3 bedroom bungalow with my parents, and 3 brothers.:p Oh wait....nothing to be proud of.:(

Ah who cares....its a roof.[up]

I was hoping to be a cop with a decent home, and some money for my parents by now (my father is disabled) (blind)....but not yet. Someday....

I emailed you directions, and all sorts of other info you wont need.:D
By the way, I want to know more about this range off of Berkshire Valley Rd.

Ive never heard of it. ???

How about green mountain bowmen, over in Mahlon...they still operating? I always wanted to join, but never did.
Yeah, I dont know exactly where it is yet, but I would go shoot there.

Wednesday seems to be the best day for me right now...

What hours are good for you?

Just so you know, Sunday (all day) and Tuesday (evening) are no good for me. My brother is celebrating his B-day on Sun. and getting sworn in as a Police Officer on Tuesday evening. I get to hold the bible![cool]

I also want to try and get Mpemt and JerseyJim out to shoot with us, but we may have to make it different days, I know how schedules always seem to conflict. Work, it gets in the way of life.[mad]:D
Ok, I went over and looked at the range. Looks good![up]

We might be able to practice back to almost 45 yards there, it should be a lot of fun. Probably should bring some skeeter repellant though. I was kicking up lots of bugs in that little field.

So when do we want to go shoot?
Can you make it any days this week other than Tuesday? I could even shoot Tuesday, but not after like 6pm.

How about next weekend, one morning?

Id go tomorrow, but I have too much stuff to do, and my brothers B-day.
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