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Bow - Can I Come Over?

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Anyone have any hay bales in their backyard set up for bow practice? If so, can I come over? :D

Hopefully, you are closer than the Layton range. Supposedly Black River range is closed until after Labor Day. [sad]
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Something I do is take 2 makenzie targets and a hunting pal with your climbers and go to your hunting trees(providing they are close to a quad trail) Take turns having your buddy moving the targets to difficult places and letting you shoot at them. He collects the arrows and ties them to your bow roop. Shoot like 20 and then switch shooters. You will get used to shooting around familiar obstacles and get used to the yards of the shot. This could save you the step of the range finder later. When moving the targets around just use a branch or stick to hold it up from behind, then you will not have to keep banging stakes into the ground. Just one thing to keep in mind, the targets will not move like a real deer may, so always shoot for the lower part of the chest. This will put you right in the "living quarters" on the real deer if it jumps the string!! Good luck
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