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Bow - Can I Come Over?

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Anyone have any hay bales in their backyard set up for bow practice? If so, can I come over? :D

Hopefully, you are closer than the Layton range. Supposedly Black River range is closed until after Labor Day. [sad]
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Dragthor there is a bow range on Berkshirevalley road at the intersection of taylor road. Its nice, I shot there a few times last year check it out. Its a state range.
There are signs for the range right at the intersection of BVR and Taylor rd. Last year when I was there, it had 4 targets. up to 35 yards. The State owns the property. there is also a parking lot there. its behind the one (P) let me know if you guys find.
I'm Glad you found it, not many people know about it. The only draw back is the BUGS, If you get a chance take a walk up to the first ridge to the right of the range. had trailcam pics of a Good 8 pointer there last year. Hopefully he made to this year.
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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