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Bow - Can I Come Over?

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Anyone have any hay bales in their backyard set up for bow practice? If so, can I come over? :D

Hopefully, you are closer than the Layton range. Supposedly Black River range is closed until after Labor Day. [sad]
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Hey guys the bow range at black river is open 7 days a week....just the shotgun range is closed on the weekends in the summer do to the neighbors crying about the noise
yes its open 7 days a week...If there is a hunter ed cl [no swearing please] going on they do have priority on the range...but they dont hold a cl [no swearing please] on a regular basis...its not every saturday or anything like that
Drag/Matty the range on taylor road is actually maintained by the Green Mt. bowmen...They supplied the targets...We just let them set the range up on F&W property...The range is open to the public 7 days a week...The Parking lot for it is right on Berkshire Valley Rd. Across from the bridge over the rockaway...There is a big Rockaway River WMA sign in the lot and also a sign pointing to the trail to the bow range...Or you can drive down Taylor Rd about 75-100 yds and there is a trail that comes out to the road with a small pulloff...There is no sign there though...Its a nice range they have 4 layerd foam backstops made by the "block"
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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