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Craig Lemon, the superintendent of the Hayford Hatchery in Hackettstown was attacked by a Bobcat while turkey hunting on Friday the 13th.
"It was about 25 feet away when I first saw it" said Craig. "I was thinking, this is cool, I saw the black tip of it's tail, the tufts on its ears, but it kept coming and made eye contact, kept looking right at me, I think at the whites of my eyes, and kept coming."
"Then when it got close, its hind legs tensed and I thought it might be ready to jump away," he said. "Instead it sprung right at me, hit my left thigh and then must have jumped away about 15 feet when it realized what it had done.
" It was a good thing it had been a cool day and I was wearing insulated clothes and jeans" he added. "I checked and saw it hadn't left any marks, but, as somebody said , it could have been worse if it had jumped at my head."
That must have been pretty wild to have that happen!
This story was in the Sunday Daily Record but that animal friendly paper didn't make Jim Stabiles artical available on-line as usual![mad] You can see the rest of the story and his other write ups if you buy the paper.[up]
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