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Blind Questions...

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hey guys and gals...happy memorial day!

got a few questions about some blinds...

im looking to get a ground blind for september. what is a good company to look at..i was looking at ameristep, trekker, and primos. Ameristep seems like they are priced pretty cheap, but are they a good blind? What do you guys use or like?

I am also looking for a layout blind for fowl this season... What kind do you guys like or use ?

I have used the eliminator before and it was pretty nice.

thanks in advance everyone who posts![up]
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I believe Will (shootstraight) uses blinds exclusively. He would be a good source of info.
I'm actually thinking about getting one this year so I can take my daughter bow hunting...I've heard from a lot of guys that the Dog House is a good choice.
I believe Will (shootstraight)
thanks ill def hit him up for some info thanks!
I have a couple Primos double bull blinds.I use the T5 for deer hunting and the Dark Horse for turkey hunting.Both blinds have a spot in the roof that opens up for goose hunting.The T5 is the best one for deer hunting the inside is painted black because you want it to be as dark as possible in the blind for deer hunting(always wear all black in both blinds and brush your blind in for deer). This blind has ports that can be opened and close without making any noise so you can open just what you need when you need it.The Dark Horse has the same features except is more open in the front and it has ports in the back that can be opened and closed it lets in a little more lite but it makes it easier to swing on a turkey with the bow.These blinds are made of really good canvas that is very durable and will last you for years.I am not sponsored by there company i talk so highly about them because i have yet to find a blind that even come close to the great workmanship and functionality of there blinds.
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Go with the Double Bull,(I love my Matrix 360) But if money is tight than check out the Ameristep 'Intimidator' blind. It's a great blind for the price
I look at quite a few layout blinds last year, I kept going back to the GHG Groundforce. It is very easy to transport and set up. Cant beat it!
Remington, Bushnlo really covered it all when it comes to the Primos Double Bull blinds. They are the best but will set you back a bit in the $$ dept. You can always find a good deal on ebay. I love my Double Bull for turkey hunting.[up]

If you plan to use a blind for deer hunting, I would recommend ameristep. There are many models and you should look at them all and see which one you like best and fits your pocketbook. Why I like to use these for deer hunting is the fact that deer are the only critter that will bust you in a blind unless you have brushed it in really well. Since ameristep blinds material holds up great to the elements and are more affordable I use them for deer hunting. I put them out ahead of the bow season without brushing them in and allow the deer to get use to them. Once they are use to them they work like a charm.

Double blinds are made out of canvas and sometimes tend not to hold up to the elements as well if left out for long period of time but that is my opinion and for the amount of $$ my DB blinds work hard during turkey season. Primos does have an advantage max line, which is pretty good and you can leave those blinds out since they hold up to the elements very well.

So check out ebay and look up DB blinds , ameristep and Primos advantage max blinds and you will find a great deal and a blind that will fit you.

Good Luck[up]

Shoot Straight!
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I like my Ameristep Intimidator,it's an excellent value and seems to be very durable.
I also plan on picking up a Dark Horse for turkey season next year.
Depends on how much $ you want to spend as to the quality you're going to get.
I picked up an Ameristep doghouse TSC (has a removable floor) last fall but haven't worked up the courage to spring it open on the grounds I may not be able to close it back up easily. I'll down a six-pack of liquid courage and try it in the yard and report back with pics. BTW, I bought it for turkey hunting when I thought I had a shot at some private land, didn't work out.
For the layout blind, I just bought a Cabela's Ultimate layout blind and it looks great and feels great. I haven't used it in the field yet, but after setting it up and laying in it, I can say that I could lay in that thing for awhile and be very comfortable. A lot of room for yourself(i'm 6'2, 225)and there is extra room, as well as a blind bag and pockets on the side for calls/snacks/drinks, which is important when in the field for hours at a time. I can't wait to use this in the field this Sept!!
just make sure you can draw your bow

id go with a double bull
Double bull will always be my first choice. But there are some nice other nice ones groundmax and the ASAT Quickie to name a few.
got me a blind today...very nice to meet you Dave (outdrdave). Thank you again for you effort to get me the blind[up] The blind is great, i set it up in the back yard to check it out even more..and guess what it fit right back in the bag haha Thanks again!
Remingtonman1108, what blind did you end up getting?

Shoot Straight!
No problem Bob. I hope you have as much fun with it as I did. [up] nice meeting you as well [up][up]

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what blind did you end up getting?
Ya, what'd ya get?!
Ameristep Intimidator..see above lol:D
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