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blew out my back

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To make a long story short My mixer truck flipped over on may 24 and I blew out my fourth and fifth disc and tor my third .Since then I have not left the house to do anything beside's doctor's app...I can not take my boat out nothing. I'm losing my mind...I just pray to GOD that I get healthy enought to be able to hunt this year ..[confused]
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Good luck. You might be able to get a crossbow permit???
Sorry to hear about you mis-hap... Hope you get better soon!! Very soon!! At least before hunting season...[up]
May not be able to get out hunting this year? More Deer for me. Only kidding I have the same ones blown out. I have been getting injections for the past 2 years in my back. Restup get some injections and you will be in the woods ready to go. [up]:D
Hang in there tommy!! [up] Good things come to those that wait....
Id just like to say, last hunting season (my first hunting season) I was pretty mad at the sport of hunting, with my trail cams getting stolen, people harassing me on public land, and I originally had the feeling of "now i know why people give hunters a bad name". But on this site and another Ive met and spoken to many people that are genuine sportsmen that are the complete opposite of the idiots I met in the woods last season. Thanks for changing my opinion, I shouldn't have judged that quickly.

Anyway Tommy is a one of those people, I hope you recover quickly, thanks for all your advice.

Tommy has been coaching me into hopefully catching my first fish solo via my own boat...

Drome, Unfortunetly those are some problems you will run into hunting public land, it sucks, I had several treestands stolen or even ones i built, demolished.....When your ready to hunt Pa, I got alot of land that you wont have any problems on. And I am sure there are alot of guys on here willing to take you to some nice spots......Dont let it frustrate you, No one ever said hunting is easy, But you work at it each year and you learn from mistakes, and others....I know...Last year i missed 3 deer in the same day almost all of them standing in the same spot, so i know FRUSTRATION LOL. and For Tommy, I broke both my ankles in a car accident one many years ago, and i did everything in my power to try and heal fast, but sometimes, it takes longer than expected, dont rush it, You dont want back problems for the rest of your life...HANG IN THERE!!!

Get well soon. And listen to the Dr's. We had a guy get the same injury on the job here and he has been out for 9 month. He said as much as he hates it, it took time and listening to the Dr's.
Beside's the crossbow, maybe you can get a vehicle permit.
Thank's everyone and Dennis you almost made me cry:p I'm starting physical therapy tomorrow and injections and I wish there was something good on TV during the day
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