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Who is pumped for next week's general Black Powder opener? I'll be in Zone 2 and hope to make up for a slow bow season. The only bummer is that the weather looks a little dicey with warmer temps and a good chance of rain. Oh well. Good luck to all both here and in PA.

Sussex, NJ

Nov 28 Few Showers
59°/48° 30%

Nov 29 T-Showers
67°/42° 60%

I'll be near you but in northern zone 4. Im ready for it, too bad the rest of the guys in my crew are all working. Last week the weather was for sunny skies and with a high temp of 38, how things can change. But I'll still be there, hopefully the rain will hold off for the day, and rain at night
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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