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Black bear spotted walking on Navy pier

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"MIDDLETOWN — A black bear, perhaps the same one seen in other parts of Monmouth County early this week, was spotted wandering through parts of the Leonardo section of the township early Thursday, authorities said."
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A wandering young bear that earned the admiration and consternation of Monmouth County residents after taking a dip in Sandy Hook Bay off Middletown last week is the same bruin that stirred up Woodbridge a month ago.
I think all residents should put a call into Commissionor Bradley when they see a bear.

All this is is another hairy Guido Itrailian "Bennie" from North Jersey (most likely Bergen County!!!) "down the shore" for the Summer!!!!:D

I'll bet if you get close enough, you'll be able to see his Guido gold chains, can probably smell his Guido cologne about a mile away, and his last name ends in a "vowel"!!!:D

(No offense intended MysticGuido !!!!![smirk])

Must be a "coincidence" that he showed up around Memorial Day, and he will probably be gone by Labor Day!!!!:D
Hey Yo!!! You don't get anymore Italian Guido then me !!!!!! :D

Bear caught in Leonardo

MIDDLETOWN — A black bear was captured in Leonardo on Saturday night, three days after it was spotted on the loose in the Belford section of the township.

State Fish and Wildlife officials were called to Earle Naval Weapons Station on Saturday afternoon at approximately 2 p.m., according to police.

The bear, seen the night before crossing Route 36, was spotted on Highview Circle in Leonardo on Saturday afternoon. From there it jumped a fence onto the Navy property, according to Janine Hawthorne, of the Middletown Police Department.

It took officials over five hours to capture the bear. Dogs were used to chase the animal up a tree, where professionals were able to shoot a tranquilizer dart into the bear.

The animal was transported to Turkey Swamp Park, Freehold Township.

— Karen E. Bowes
The animal was transported to Turkey Swamp Park, Freehold Township.
Yea, and just how long is it supposed to stay put.

Last time I heard they had 4 legs and a wander lust.:)
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