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Big Bear Hit Rt.287N Harding Twp

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i must of just missed it this am. I came threw around 630am my father was about 25 min behind me in his work truck and saw from what he said "a big big black bear dead in the shoulder laying in the high grass". Looks as he got his back ripped open. Most likely a tt hit him, my dad said there were no njsp and no cars pulled over. He said it looked big. I will check in the am see if he is still laying there.
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pops is making that good money tell him to keep his eyes on the road not on the road side[hihi]
Saw the Big Bear 9/10 around 10 AM, but there was a state dump truck parked next to it. I don't know if they were picking it up or not. If it is still there today, I'm going to stop and take a picture. Someone told me that it was hit on 9/9.
Hoped to get a picture on Friday morning, but I guess they loaded it on the state highway truck after I passed on Thurs.
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