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I sent him $270 for a treewalker climbing treestand, a member on here referred me to him, now he won't respond to emails or just says he's busy and will ship soon, over and over, it's like I'm talking to a robot, a Nigerian robot.

I searched his email address on google and sure enough he's been involved in shady stuff, others have gotten taken.

I'm going to the police tomorrow and then to the bank to see if I can claw back my money. I'm super pissed knowing I won't get my money back and police won't be able to do anything. God, I hate theives!

If you buy from him, kiss your money goodbye.

They target WTB adds claiming to have what you're looking for, just send them the money, they'll even dig up a picture to show you.

PS: member michael394 recommended him, turns out michael394 has one post, he's part of the scam too
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