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best after hunt beverage ?????

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got to say crown and root beer..:p:p
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All I can say is this...beware the "Saskatchewany Paralyzer"...[drinking]


"Gettin Paralyzed post hunt..."

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Yeah the guitar defonitely comes out here as well.

Drink wise.... Home made wine is fine, scotch of a single malt kind will help me unwind, Cuervo Gold straight with no training wheels like salt and lime is a great way to unwind. But a cold Budwiser mixed with ball busting hunting talk with a friend... is no better way for a good hunt to end.[smoke]
Sam Adams.. early season it's an Octoberfest, now it's a Winter lager.
If it's warm out...Heineken
If it's cold out...B&B
After dragging my deer out and gutting, only thing I want is ice cold water
crown and root beer?? I will have to try that one

But I would have whatever is handy, usually a beer Stella!!!
After an AM hunt COFFEE unless I get a deer then its usually Water from dragging, gutting etc.

After a PM hunt I'm usually hungry and can follow up with a beer.
Yuengling all the way!
Shot of Dewars, then followed up by a cold one....[drinking]
Sam Adams.. early season it's an Octoberfest, now it's a Winter lager
Wawa coffee for the ride home, Long Trail Ale once at home.

Under 150" leffe brune over 150" brewdog Sink the Bismark:D
cold beer with steive ray vaugan blastin on the cd player [drinking]
21 - 40 of 49 Posts
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