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Bergen Bear

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Stacey just called me and said that the kids were out for footbal practice when a Large bear wandered out onto the field. They quick made all the kids go inside, but he doesnt know if anyone was called about this. She teaches @ Westwood Regional Middle and High School.
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No big deal according to the Anti's the Bear is fine and it is just doing what it is supposed to do. Tell the football team to substitute there padding for Bear Proof Garbage cans and they will be fine.. GAME ON! :D
I told her that I will set up on top of the school and take it out!!! When she called shes like, what do you want to hunt the most this year...see she knows that I am excited about possibly hunting bear!!!!
There are bears all over Bergen County. I get calls all the time in Franklin Lakes for bears. We normally only respond if they are too close to a house or school. The state won't come out for them.
Can't be. That's in the bear exclusion zone. Can't that bear read??
Hmmmmm !!!! Not far from me..should I grab my bow?

This can be the same bear thats roaming Washington Twp. for the last few months. My friend has family there, and all the people there never had a problem with the bear, but all it takes is one thing to set a bear off
Wow - that is right near my house. There is absolutely no suitable bear habitat anywhere near there.
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