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Beaver 🦫 pond fishing

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Went ultralight jigging in 54 degree Central Jersey beaver p
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ond this evening on a warm, sunny day with a moderate west wind. Caught and released 8 black crappies, 3 largemouth bass to 16” and a bluegill with a 1/32 oz twister tail jig on 2 lb test line. Beavers 🦫 were slapping their tails on the water. Turtle 🐢 heads were sticking out of the pond. Caught green slime algae on nearly every cast. Saw a common carp > 10 lbs come out of the water < 15’ away. Canada geese, mallards, wood ducks, great blue heron, blackbirds, hawks and vultures were flying. Took pics. Lots of briars are in the woods. Wore my Cabela’s neoprene chest waders. Found a bobber and hubcap. Saw lots of tiny minnows near the shore.
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Another peaceful productive fishing day i am jealous. Sounds like a great day
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