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Bears-Too Close For Comfort to air on NJN July 25th 9:00PM!!!

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I just got word that Bears-Too Close For Comfort will air on NJN on July 25th at 9:00PM.

HUGE loss for the BEAR group, NJ-ARA and whatever group Stu is calling himself the leader of this week. It is so hyped now that NJN is sure to enjoy record viewership of the year.

Can you say BACKFIRE??
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Glad to hear that news...It SHOULD be shown.[up]
wish I had NJN
I thought NJN was public television? I don't have cable...but it still comes in.
I have directv
NJN is available with Directv and Dish Network. I think it comes with the local networks channel package.
BACKFIRE Bears are walking around are neighborhood like pet dogs for the past two weeks..... have to keep a eye on the kids.....
Are they still going to follow it with a "fair and impartial" discussion?
"fair and impartial" discussion?
Are they still going to follow it with a "fair and impartial" discussion?
That's the plan. We'll kill.
That's the plan. We'll kill.
If they pick the correct representatives of both sides, it should be interesting. If they pick a well spoken representative for the hunting side, we should do very well. Especially since, rarely have I seen an animal rights acitivist that is able to stay calm when discussing these type of issues.
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