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Like most New Jersey residents they go down to the shore to take a swim in our pristine waters

MIDDLETOWN — A black bear crossed Route 36 in the township's Leonardo section on Friday, and police said they believe it's the same approximately 150-pound animal that visited the Belford section the previous night.

A bear also was spotted wandering through parts of the Leonardo section of the township early Thursday and was seen walking on the Earle Naval Weapons Station's pier by Navy personnel before it jumped into the Sandy Hook Bay and swam to shore around the Leonardo State Marina, near Concord Avenue.

Police Sgt. Billy Colangelo said the highway crossing occurred at 1 p.m. Friday.

There were no injuries or damage, and the bear continued north in the direction of the Raritan Bay.

Colangelo said the bear likely was the same bear that Oceanview Avenue residents had encountered on Thursday.

Joanne Bruzauskas, who lives at Oceanview and 12th Street, said the bear was "very playful. My husband and I were working around the house, and at first we thought it was a big dog. It had no markings or tags. We were within arm's reach of him.

"He wasn't acting like he was threatening. He looked like a baby or maybe a little older. It was jumping up and down fences," she said. "It was dark, and we were trying to take picture, but, as it saw more and more people, it wanted to stay away. We never saw one before. Everyone was so happy and excited."

Colangelo said officers responding to bear reports have been calling state wildlife officials.

A state Department of Environmental Protection spokeswoman said when the bear poses no threat to public safety or health, the state relies on local authorities to do what they can to usher the animal back into the wild.

While the animals are not generally aggressive, people are urged to keep their distance, said DEP spokeswoman Karen Hershey said.


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WAIT the DEP said if the animal doesn't kill or hurt someon ethen the local police should push it back into the wild? What the heck. the DEP also said there is not a bear problem, but now they tell locals to stay away from them and treat them as if they are killers??? I think the DEP wants a bear to hurt or kill someone so then they can tell the Anti's we need a hunt. This is bull shit. What ever happened to the Land of the Free? It is My God given right to be able to Hunt and Fish, but only if it is OK with the Anti's.... I don't think so. With all the anti's doing there [no swearing please] I think I know why there is so many pouchers out there. Not that pouching is OK ( all Pouchers should be SHOOT ), but I do see more and more pouching happening in the near future.

C'mon this is a myth just like the LOCH NEST MONSTER

Campbell your eating your statements that you made

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