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When I got home from a weekend of trout fishing, yesterday, there was a strange number on my Caller ID - It read 999-911-9999.

It was an announcement from the Twp. of Ocean Police Deptartment, dated Sunday 05/29/05 @ 9:17 PM, warning area residents of a bear in the area of West Park Ave. and Hope Road in the Ocean Twp./Wayside/Tinton Falls area. (This is only approx. 5 miles from the BEACH!!!)

Residents were warned (by this phone alerting system) to keep their distance, not to feed it or attempt to capture it, and to bang post and pans or blow air horns to scare it away. They were told to notify the Twp. of Ocean Police if the bear was sighted.

To date it has not caused any damage.

When I stopped at my Mom & Dad's house earlier yesterday (on my way home) I heard something on their scanner (Dad, brothers and I are all Firefighter and EMTs) that someone should call "Fish & Game". I figured it was probably a fish violation or something like that, but now I guess it may have had something to do with the bear.

I guess the bear decided to vacation "down the shore" from Memorial Day thru Labor Day!!! :D

Funny thing though...My parents live in that town and were not notified via the emergency phone notification system, yet, I was notified of the problem and I live 3 miles away from them in Long Branch, and closer to the beach in an area that wouldn't be effected by the bear situation.[confused]

DEP Commish Campbell had better start thinking about staying OUT of NJ F&G business and leaving the decisions concerning the NJ bear hunt, and for that matter ALL NJ F&G business, up to the TRUE EXPERTS, the NJ F&G!!!!!

If any of you are involved in a bear encounter, report it to get it on record!!!!

The more sightings and encounters that are reported by the public will be be used as documented evidence to prove that the ever growing bear population in NJ is out of control and getting worse!!!!!! [up]
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