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There have been bear sightings in Oceanport, NJ at Monmouth Park Racetrack - about two mins. from my house and in Eatontown, NJ - about 8 mins. from my house!!!!

Asbury Park Press:

The next bear report came about 2 a.m. Monday when security guards at Monmouth Park noticed tracks on the raceway, Cioffi, of the Oceanport police, said.

Oceanport police Sgt. Raymond Ciani and Officer Steven Briskey, along with a tracking dog from the Long Branch Police Department, went to the park but were unable to find the bear.

However, the tracking dog was able to follow the bear's scent to a wooded area near the Port-Au-Peck Avenue side of Monmouth Park, but the dog lost the trail there, Cioffi said.

The bear was also seen in Eatontown about the same time it was seen by people in Ocean Township and Oceanport.
I think this sounds like more than one bear!!!!

Here's today's full news article from the Asbury Park Press-Monmouth County Edition:

I wonder, if they do authorize a bear hunt this year, if we can use the decks of the racetrack's Grand Stand as a "tree stand"?!??!?!??!?:D

C'mon guys this is getting out hand. False reports of bears are coming in from all corners of NJ. The Great SIR CZAR CAMPBELL assured us all, hunters and non hunters that NJ doesn't really have a large bear population, just remember he is the complete expert in everything, no matter what he is always right, and we are wrong.
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