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FROM: Canadian Outdoor Heritage Alliance

SUBJECT: Black bear kills woman in northern Ontario

Yesterday a Cambridge woman was killed by a black bear north of Chapleau, Ontario. A man, with the woman, who tried to fight off the bear was injured and flown to a Sudbury hospital and is reported in serious, but stable condition. The OPP said the bear attacked the woman first and the man tried to scare it off.
Bob McQuay, Chairman of the Canadian Outdoor Heritage Alliance (COHA), the first and only national organization formed to protect Canada’s hunting, fishing, and trapping heritage, said, “We’ve been warning the Ontario government since 1999 that the result of their failure to properly manage the black bear population would result in someone being mauled and killed. Just this spring we pleaded with the government, on behalf of all Ontario citizens, to reinstate the spring black bear hunt. Our contacts in the north have reported bear activity that could only result in this fatality.
“The Bear Wise Program launched by the Ministry of Natural Resources is considered, by those who actually live in bear country, to be a joke. Residents are being told to clean their barbecues, put away their bird feeders, not put apple cores in their composters, or stay inside.
“Unfortunately our dire predictions have been proven true and a Cambridge woman has paid the price of the McGuinty government’s failure to properly manage wildlife in this province. The black bear population has been ballooning for the past three or four years. It’s no wonder that someone has finally been killed.
“In spite of a scientific study done in Manitoba the proves a spring black bear hunt is a proven, sustainable method of bear control, one that thins raging populations before the nuisance bear season, and in spite of recommendations of their own Nuisance Bear Committee, that advocated the reinstatement of the spring hunt, the government has chosen to listen to anti-hunting, animal rights advice and try to convince Ontario residents to live in harmony with the growing black bear population.
“Black bears are not cuddly teddy bears, they are large, dangerous, efficient predators that can run faster than a horse and crack bones with their muscular jaws. Bears no longer fear humans and consider us just part of their wilderness buffet.
“COHA sympathizes with the families of the woman and her companion but warns this is just a taste of what lies ahead if the government does not move to manage the out-of-control bear population. COHA predicts bear/human conflicts will increase as the bear population continues to grow out of control and the government refuses to consider proven population management techniques.”


Thats really a shame, My GOD rest here soul.

Hey STU & LINDA, you see BEARS do kill people, so wake up, these bears aren't WINNIE THE POOH
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