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Bear-hunt talks likely to be lively

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Bear-hunt talks likely to be lively
Tuesday, September 20, 2005
For the Star-Ledger
Tomorrow's public hearing on the Draft Comprehensive Black Bear Management Policy will be a forum for civilized people to make intelligent suggestions about the document.

The meeting will be highly-structured, with citizens offering comments of a sensible, constructive nature. The remarks will be brief and insightful.
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There will be little in the way of suggested edits to the plan. Instead, there will be plenty of emotional requests (by those determined to outlaw bear hunting) that the plan be shelved or flushed. Despite its strained concessions to those who insist there are viable alternatives, the plan calls for hunting. That means it's doomed to incite wrath.

Think not? Visit the Web site for the Bear Education and Resource Group and you'll find a call to action that says, "SPEAK UP FOR BEARS: Please attend the state's public hearing on the comprehensive bear management plan!"
We need to get some people to this meeting!!!!
LIke I said before - keep your cool, let the anti-s reveal their dementia to the world.

These nuts expect hunters to fly off the handle.
A big turnout of hunters that are polite and well spoken speaks greater in volume than the frothing incessant shrill whining of the anti-s.

Maintain decorum. Give deference to all those present, and let the press report the anti-s lunacy to the world.

A good listen would be the Sunday Bow-hunting audio link that Bacs provided earlier.

The anti-s cannot storm into a meeting and 'force' an agenda - and they know it. Neither can we.
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