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I have a 175 ac. farm located in knowlton Twp Warren county and have two bear baits being hit daily. I am willing to lease these sites out to the first two hunters who will provide 500.00 for each site and provide a valid hunting license and zone 1 bear permit.You will only be allowed to hunt over these baits from the ground (no constructed blinds or elevated treestands as it is illegal in NJ)and I will provide you with the location. This is for a Monday thru Friday hunt only as I have xmas tree customers on the farm Saturday. Baits are set around 35-40 yards from the base of the tree where you will sit. Most important is that I have a tractor, with a bucket and forks, to assist with getting your bear out whole.This is probably your best chance to get a bear and not be bothered by anyone including anti's as we are seeing bear daily. You will be the only ones bear hunting on the farm. Those interested must call me asap and pay by noon on Saturday or I will give the sites to the next interested person(s). My cell # is 201 803 6654
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