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Who here will be out seeking a NJ Black Bear this year, and where will you be hunting?

I will be out there seeking my buck, and a bear. I'll be in Sussex County
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Well, if we actually get to hunt them, I will be in Northern Sussex. I probably will just devote the entire 6-day to bears like I did in 2003, and let the bucks go!

If we dont get to hunt them, I may just take a break, and wait for winter bow. 6-day is too nuts for me, I like peaceful, quiet woods, void of humans.

Good luck to all, and keep your fingers crossed it happens.[up]
Del Water Gap?

I was in Highpoint for the last hunt, and I didnt see anyone till the snow was gone. I was WAY up in there, and no one would walk in that far!

Down here by me though, if you go out for 6-day deer, you run into everyone and their mother! Its absurd. I cant enjoy myself.:( If it werent for the possibility of a bear hunt these past couple years, I probably would have sold my Rem. 870 slug gun already.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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