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Great article. I was just going to post about an article I read in "bear hunting" magazine while at Borders. It is a national magazine, and basically was describing how ridiculous New Jersey's bear management plan was. Realize, most of the articles in this magazine are about far away dream hunts, lands we could only dream about patroling. So its amazing to me, that a nationwide magazine about bear hunting, would focus on the lack of hunting in N.J., the #1 oppurtunity for black bear hunting.
They said New Jersey has the highest density of black bears in the country, and that combined with a high people population density, its only a matter of time before someone is killed. They also stated the facts of after the 2003 and 2005 hunts, how the amount of complaints from bear related incidents dropped significantly. Judging by this article, seems they are still on the rise.
I wouldn't take advantage of a bear hunt if it were held, but support one as a means of population control. Its ridiculous the amount of bears that are out there, and unless you live in that area, or enjoy the outdoors in that part of the state, its hard to realize how many there are. Common to see multiple bears on a single hike, homes are commonly being visited by multiple bears each day, which are growing bolder and bolder. Its just amazing to me that the polititians EGO's are that big to stand in the way of proven facts of the bear hunt. Ridiculous.
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