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Its just amazing to me that the polititians EGO's are that big to stand in the way of proven facts of the bear hunt. Ridiculous.
In my opinion the polititians are doing what most polititians do which is ignore the problem, talk about what the "majority" wants to hear about, and wait till their term is over so someone else can address the issue, and oh ya LIE LIKE HELL. I think it will come down to someone getting seriously hurt or even die in order to get a hunt to happen here in Jersey.

I still dont see what the problem is with hunting bears here in Jersey. Coyotes came along, no camplaints (that I know of), Pigs came to south Jersey, no complaints (that I know of), Bears have been in North Jersey for a long time, HOLY CRAP, How can someone want to hunt them. Dont kill the bears, they are cute and cuddley and will never hurt anyone. These people need to get their heads examined.

Further more, when they "Relocate" a "Problem" bear, Why would they do so in North Jersey. There are already plenty up here. What they should do is bring them South to say....Trenton... where this "Problem" doesnt seem to exhist.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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