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Bear at school

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My 12 y/o just came home and told me that while one Gym cl [no swearing please] was out having archery practice and bear walked behind the path between the back of the middle school and the high school football field. He said the gym coach told everyone "Inside now!"

So they are nothing to worry about, huh? Like he was attending school for an education?
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We have raccoons too, but bears at the school is too close for comfort. My kids are all walkers.

Ant said they should have shot at him too, But like I told him the are middle school kids and I'm sure not that many of them actually HIT the targets, well not where they aim to anyway. LOL

They said their hadn't been one that close to the school in 2 years. I sure that their had. Maybe it was just by THAT school...we have 5.
We have these protected wetlands next to our house and I worry about them being in there and the kids in the back yard. We've seen deer and pheasant there. 2 years ago saw a [no swearing please] and a hen. Only saw the [no swearing please] this year.
Man we need to get a fence up...not that that will stop the bears, but may slow them down a little bit.

I saw one small bear walking the hill on brooklyn stanhope rd in the spring when I was headed to 206. He was probably 150#.
sounds personel that you only saw it this year. DSW, you set yourself up, I just had too
LOL gee thanks!:p

My personal favorite is the Black Mouth Cur
Never heard of that breed.
We have a Golden Retriever. Don't know how she'd do with a bear. But she heads to the nasty water in the wetlands everytime the 3 year old opens the door and lets her out. When we catch her she'd just black! Uck!
agreed! they just have the police dept and give bear safety lessons to the kids every year, but that isn't stopping the problem!
1 - 6 of 23 Posts
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