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Bear at school

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My 12 y/o just came home and told me that while one Gym cl [no swearing please] was out having archery practice and bear walked behind the path between the back of the middle school and the high school football field. He said the gym coach told everyone "Inside now!"

So they are nothing to worry about, huh? Like he was attending school for an education?
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Plenty of bears in Hopatcong.

Bears are everywhere. Be prepared.
They said their hadn't been one that close to the school in 2 years. I sure that their had. Maybe it was just by THAT school...we have 5.
They quite frequently travel from woods by the civic center, p [no swearing please] Tulsa trail and the high school and down to the middle school. From there they hit the power lines, p [no swearing please] Durban ave and over to Sparta Stanhope road. It's a pretty heavily traveled corridor.

The best backyard protection you can possibly get is a good dog. Not just any dog but one that has no fear of bears. No matter how big the bear, if the dog is properly trained that bear will NOT get anywhere near your kids. Plus, they will let you know when one is around well before you see them.

My personal favorite is the Black Mouth Cur. Great with humans but hell on bears.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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