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Bear at school

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My 12 y/o just came home and told me that while one Gym cl [no swearing please] was out having archery practice and bear walked behind the path between the back of the middle school and the high school football field. He said the gym coach told everyone "Inside now!"

So they are nothing to worry about, huh? Like he was attending school for an education?
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just thank GOD no kids or staff got hurt or kid
Yea that was a little scrambled but I know what he means. That is right by my area and there has been a Bear roaming the area causing some trouble. Bears at schools is just way to close for comfort.
That area has Bears all over by it. I am sure they had Bears there in the past but the school works may have seen them and they are not going to say anything. the only reason you are hearing of it now is because the kids saw it. I have seen them back there before while walking the dog in that area. [mad] Very dangerous for them to be there with the kids around. Kids carry food in there back packs all one hungry Bear needs to do is smell that and it will chase down a kid for the food. This is the time of year when they start some big time feasting getting ready for the winter so they will be looking for that snack of Bologna and Cheese lets just pray nothing happens to a child or anyone for that fact in that area.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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