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BBQ Grills and a Digital Camera

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Guys, I know I have countless threads about the picnic on here, but heres another. I need some help from a few of you.

Im looking for a couple of guys to bring grills or firepits (basically a big old tire rim will work, along with a grate for the top) to the picnic on the 21st of August. If you are nearby Roxbury, or on my way to Pequest, and dont have a way to transport the grill, I do have a truck and would be willing to come and get it. Mini-grills or hibachi's are fine too. I would bring my grill, but its 1000 pounds of rock and cement, so its not all that portable.:D
I think that two or three grills would be enough.

Also, Im looking for at least one person to bring a digital camera. Two cameras would be even better, so one person isnt stuck taking pics all day. But either way, we should try and get some pics to post up on the site.

If you have a grill we can use, please let me know. If you would like to bring a digital camera and take pics for the website, also let me know.

Email me at [email protected]

Thanks guys!---Matt:)
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OK great. One down, and three to go.

Im guessing a lot of you guys have digital cameras. LOL:D

Im just making sure everything is covered. Im crazy like that.
Great HK, I appreciate it!

You do know its on Sunday now right?

Switched it so we would have more activities![up]

There were a few guys that couldnt make Saturday as well, so hopefully they can make Sunday.:)
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