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As the number of hunters continues to dwindle, the Division of Fish
& Wildlife tries to increase the number of days to hunt. Their
thinking is that hunters won't have to take off time from work and
those working on Saturday would have Sunday to hunt. First, it's bow
hunting, then muzzle loaders, and finally shotguns.

So, it's not unusual that a Sunday bow hunting bill rear has been
introduced and has passed out of committee. What also is not unusual
is the opposition to opening Sunday, a day of peace, up to yet more

Since the bill has passed out of committee, the next step is a full
vote by the Assembly. We must take action now to ensure that this
bill does not get to the floor. Please take action now and stay
tuned for more alerts if the bill passes out of the Assembly. Here's
what's happened so far:

On Monday, February 14, the Assembly Agriculture and Natural
Resources Committee voted an amended Sunday hunting bill out of
committee by a 4 to 1 vote. The votes were:

Smith (sponsor and chair of the committee) Yes
Fisher (vice-chair of the committee) Yes
Dancer Yes
Gibson Yes
Conaway Abstain

The original bill stated that Sunday bow hunting would be allowed
period -- no mention of locations. No doubt they received, and
anticipated, a lot of opposition so an amendment was made that
limited Sunday bow hunting to Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs, also
known as killing fields) and private property. Their thinking was
probably that restricting killing to those areas would silence us.
Well, not by a long shot!

Please go to: Take a deep
breath and note the following:

. As of January 2005, there were more than 295,000 acres in 117
areas, in virtually every county.

. Look through the list and see if you use any of the areas to
appreciate nature.

. Of the total acres, the vast majority (185,900.37) were bought by
Green Acres Bonds between 1961 and 2004. Fish & Wildlife acquired
99,150.31 acres. Yes, every time we voted to protect the
environment, little did we realize that the money could be used to
provide more land for hunting. In the Public Question, the use of
the land is disguised with the word "active" recreation.

. Also note who partners with Fish & Wildlife in acquiring these
lands. They include: New Jersey Conservation Foundation, Hackensack
Meadowlands Development Commission, Natural Resource Council, The
Nature Conservancy, and PSE&G.

Outraged? Well, turn that into action by taking the following steps:

1. Please call and then send a short fax, asking for a reply, to:

Assemblyman Albio Sires, Speaker of the Assembly. He determines
which bills are posted to the entire Assembly for a vote. Politely
ask him not to post the bill.

Assemblyman Albio Sires
303 58th Street
West New York, NJ 07093
PHONE: 201-854-0900
FAX: 201-854-4818

2. Call and fax your assembly people and ask them to vote NO if this
bill is posted for a vote. Their names and contact information can
be found at:

When you get a response, please let me know.

Thanks to all of you, we stopped this bill before; we can do it

Terry Fritzges
Government Affairs Coordinator
New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance

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[mad] !!!!

You know about a week ago my best friend lost his sister in a car VS Deer accident . How would these ANTIs feel if it was a mother father son daughter etc. of there own ?

One of the first things he said to me was " D , you dont shoot enough deer buddy " with a tear in his eye .This is from a non-hunter but understands that we help control deer numbers .

Not sure if this has anything to do with the above post but , it burns me that we get such a bad name from a few groups as hunters when we do nothing but help in wildlife .

How many more people would hit a deer with a car if hunting was banned like they would like to see ? I remember hearing one group say lets get a study going to find out how we could inject a birth contol in to a certain amount of does to help with population . Thats a good one .

Who would support wildlife if they got there way and hunting was banned , them ? Dont they know each and everytime we buy most hunting needs part of that money goes in to wildlife ?

Sorry to ramp on but they heat me so much . Keep preaching about Animal rights as you wear your leather shoe , belts and pocket books and get into your car with leather seats !!!!

Soap box over for NOW !

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why can't these anti's stop trying to tell/make hunters stop what we love to do. This is America land of the free. Yes I said FREE, we have the right to Hunt. Hunting is no more inhumane then taking a Cow, Sheep, Chicken, Turkey to the butchershop. Deer meat is better for your health ask any Doctor. If all the Anti's want to stop something they should stop trying to push there way on others.

Hunters give back more to the Nature of things then anyone else does.

Question to all anti's
How much money do you raise for the wildlife in the USA?
Hunters on otherhand gives over Millions of Dollors each YEAR.. YES MILLIONS

Live to Hunt ... Hunt to Live
P [no swearing please] it On!

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[mad] Vent away Don! That what this site is for! More importantly though we (hunters) should contact those same people the anti's are calling in this case Albio Sires and let him/them hear our side! Let them know they will have our support and make sure this come to a vote. Don't sit back and let the anti's pick away at us! Get involved or get ready to lose your right to hunt! They wont stop and we can't either! This site makes it easy to write a quick note to the people who need to hear us! Use it! Have a great day! [up]

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Anti hunters don't contribute any funds towards wildlife. They also don't care that we do. They use that fact to perpetuate the myth that the DFW works for hunters only.

Not only does our money, thru the dedicated Hunters' & Anglers' Fund, benifit game animals, it benifits non-game animals as well. Our money is ussed to maintain all WMA's, and WMA's support non-game animals as well. Go to a UBNJ 3-D shoot at Assunpink and the horse riders think that the place is theirs. They tear down yellow caution ribbons and ride where ever they want.

Anti hunters don't care what happens to the animals, just as long as we don't get to hunt them. Their main cry is that hunters only make up about 6% of the USA's population, what they don't tell you is that they represent even less. But they go ahead and speak for the OTHER 94% of the population that doesn't hunt. That is [email protected]@t.

Hunters need to get more vocal on all that we do, and all that is accomplished because of us.

Teddy Rosevelt was calling out for the conservation of wild things and wild places long before the long-haired hippis had their first Earth Day in 1971.

Everyone thinks PETA doesn't support the killing of animals, but little do they know;

"In 1999 alone the Norfolk Virginia based PETA euthanized, or put-down, more than 1,300 cats and dogs. Ingrid Newkirk, founder of PETA, said, “Sometimes the only kind option for some animals is to put them to sleep forever”."


Ingrid Newkirk’s views on the “no-kill philosophy” might surprise PETA supporters. Ingrid says,” It sounds lovely if you are naïve.”

Just remeber, they will not stop until hunting is OUTLAWED! It's our RESPONSIBILITY to make sure this never happens.
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