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Anyone fish with these?
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I fish for marlin and tuna with them in the canyons
Me too.:D I hope to get out there a couple times this year.
I went sail fishing down in the florida keys last winter, and thats all they use for there big trophy fish. I have access to a pretty nice fishing boat capable of making it to the canyon and back for tuna fishing. Anyone have experience or know anyone that offers classes on tuna fishing / navigating to the canyon?

If you take a look in the Fisherman mag. there are always lectures, seminars and such being offered up and down the coast. You missed a bunch that were given at the boat shows earlier this year. take a look in some of the local outdoor publications to see upcoming events.
What marina is the boat? My brother has an offshore fishing boat and he tries to go out to the canyons as much as possible. Sometimes we do great, other times we should have stayed home!
You can learn alot from the magazines and the internet is a great resource. Having someone a long with MORE experiance than me wouldn't hurt either.
By the way last summer my dad caught a marlin just over 7 ft. Released unharmed. Makos are really cool too:)
Mako fishing is the best type of fishing anyone can do next to canyon fishing. We love shark fishing. We fish mostly hudson and toms canyon on our 25 grady white
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