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Bag Limit with Bow

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I haven't hunted this zone before. The Wildlife Digest says "unlimited antlerless deer" for zone 9 (regulation set #8). Does that mean you can take more than one or two does each day?? If you can shoot more than one a day, do you have to "check in" the first one BEFORE you shoot the second??? It clearly states that you can take two a day with shotgun or muzzleloader but doesn't say anything about the bow.
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Thanks, Just want to be clear on the regs. I need to take 5 deer per year off this property per year so the owner will invite me back - but no guns. From what I've seen it shouldn't be a problem.[up]
What a great bunch of guys, always willing to help out a fellow hunter :D . I know where to go if I need help knocking a few down ;). I'm still tryng to talk the owner into letting me use a muzzleloader on the property.
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