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Back from Elk Hunting

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[down] Weather was WAAAYYYY to HOT for them . No go on the Elk but did get a shot off on what I would say was a 140 cl [no swearing please] black tail only to come up short handed again .

Back here in Jersey ready to get some action .

I did pull this buck picture from my test unit behind the house when I got home this morning .

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Welcome back Don!,
Sorry your trip didn't produce any meat!!!!! I'm sure it was still a great time!! Great looking buck in the trail cam pic!!!![up]
Nice lookin buck!:D
Hey Don...Wish ya had better weather man..Tough hunting when its warm. Been warm here too!
suck's that your trip did not go as planed ....But now you can stick it to that buck...[up]
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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