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Man, what a trip! Weather was almost perfect which is rare up in the Arctic Circle. The sun never goes down. It just goes in a circle! We hunted till about 9pm but kept watch in case any bou or wolves were around. I got my caribou on 18th. We spotted him a good mile away so the chase was on. After about 3 hrs of catching up to him, we stalked to within 300 yds. We looked him over good and I decided to take him. The guide and I closed the distance on our hands and knee's to 125yds. I took aim and shot. The shot was good! The bull traveled 20 yds and collapsed.[up] My first caribou.

My buddy Sean scored on a bigger bull the 6th day. We walked 15 miles that day and we were burnt out. At 7:15 we spotted and stalked his bull. We were standing and admiring it by 9pm.

We seen 6 grizzly bears and had 3 of them within 100 yds of our tent. This hunt was the hardest I have yet to experience, but I will never forget it. The tundra is tough to walk on..Every step feels like 3. My legs still hurt. Packing out the meat,cape, and antlers was also a task. But we got it done.
We also had a chance to fish. I caught some beautiful grayling and arctic char. We ate one char for dinner and it was good!
The outfitter was great! We may be going back to hunt Dall sheep in a year or two!
I'll have more pics to add to my gallery on Monday....

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Awesome trip Joe.

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Bou Ribs![up]

I guess the bugs weren't biting too bad.
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