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B week turkeys

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How are you guys doing this week with the gobblers?
Are they talking?
I will be out all of next week again.
Good luck to everyone
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They are talking but not to quick to come in yet. Still a lot of receptive hens out there![mad]
Tomorrow is another day! We will see what it brings!
I had 3 gobbling on Tuesday but the only one to come in came in silent. I went to give the slate a scratch and he saw me move and went the other way. I never even saw him until he was leaving! DOH!:(
I heard one gobbler at 5:30...There was another hunter about 50 yards from me over the hill. He was calling the gobbler but the bird ended up turning and I didn't hear him again after 6:30...Then the other hunter left and walked through my area so I moved to the other side of the mountain. I didn't hear or see anything over there. One more day to try for my first bird! I might have to go and buy another permit ......OR TWO..:D
I'm not leaving early tomorrow! You'll have to find your own way out Drag because I'm stay'en until I kill a bird or run out of legal hunting time![smirk]
I think the way we set up is good...All the birds seem to be coming from behind those houses so if you set up where you were today and I'll go closer to the road one of us should get a chance at a Gobbler! Don't forget your GPS Lewis and Clark!!! :D
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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