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B week turkeys

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How are you guys doing this week with the gobblers?
Are they talking?
I will be out all of next week again.
Good luck to everyone
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Zone 7 Report

- Monday: freezing... couple of gobbles around 5:30 AM... then he headed in the opposite direction. Also, saw a lone hen.
- Tuesday: two of 'em were gobblin' like crazy around 5:30 AM... but I could not get them to come.
- Wednesday: got soaked. Saw 3 gobblin' this morning.
Saw a lone hen walk by me at 7:30 AM.

JerseyJim was a hundred yards away from me... he heard some gobblin'.
I hear ya Splitm... I usually have to start walking out of the woods around 9 AM.. so that I can get to work. Tomorrow is my last weekday hunt of the season. Then, its just Saturdays...which is good...because I can usually stay out to noon.

The gobblers have been avoiding me since opening day.
Nuts... looks like I am bringing the GPS.

I was gonna head over to the same spot again. Do you mind? I don't wanna mess you up. I figure since there are plenty of hens back there... there has to be a freaking gobbler at least one of these days.

Unless he got whacked.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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