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B week turkeys

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How are you guys doing this week with the gobblers?
Are they talking?
I will be out all of next week again.
Good luck to everyone
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Hey JerseyJim where abouts are you and Drag hunting Wildcat or Berkshire Valley...Also what kind of vehicle are you guys driving
Monday - cold, birds were quiet nothing gobbling on the roost or answering the calls, had 5 birds 4 jakes and a long beard come in silent had no idea they were on there way in and I ended up spooking them

Thurs - Had 2 roosted in a tree about 20 yards behind me never new they were there until they scared the hell out of me when they flew off the roost...Im sure they saw me setting up..They never said a word...Also had an other bird going real good off the roost but I could not get him off of the plateau that he was up on...That bird most of gobbled 75-100 times he was gobbling at everything I was throwing at him...but he had his mind set that he wanted me to come to him...I had to leave the woods early for work..we'll see what happens on friday I have all day
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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