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B week turkeys

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How are you guys doing this week with the gobblers?
Are they talking?
I will be out all of next week again.
Good luck to everyone
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Zone 21

Monday - Windy and Cold. Heard 1 gobble. Saw 2 single hens and a pair of jakes outta range right before 11am.

Thursday - Gobble's galore at first light to sunrise but the birds went away from us. Heard 1 shot at 7am and another at 7:45. Someone thinned the population. 7:46 some guy walks right through our spread. Gotta love public land hunting.

Friday - ???? :D
They were gobbling like crazy on the roost friday, but when they hit the ground all went quiet. Couldnt rouse a gobble after 7am. I called it quits at 11am. I'd had enough of staring at open woods and at 10:30 another hunter went walking through and he was calling every 5 mins trying to get birds to gobble. I'll try again next year. Its always nice getting into the woods, but now its time to pack the gear away until late July when archery deer scouting begins. Good luck to you all venturing out for C, D, E and the rest of G! :p
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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