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B week turkeys

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How are you guys doing this week with the gobblers?
Are they talking?
I will be out all of next week again.
Good luck to everyone
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Zone 8.Took a friend out Mon.Called in a jake with 5.5" beard 16#.His first bird.It came in silent.Only heard 2 gobbles from 2 different birds.Went out today know gobbles.Walked up on 4 toms in corn stubble at 10:00.Good-by.Sat from 10:30 to noon in another spot.11:30 had a good verbal battle with a hen,she came into the decoys.2 minutes to 12:00 Stood up to quit looked to my right,tom comming in 50yds.away,silent,know shot.To friends out hunting said they had 2 come in didn't gobble.Mabye all hell will break loose next wk.
The friend i took out on Monday and got his first bird went out to the same place by himself today and got a 21#-11"beard-1.5"spurs,talk about beginners luck!Had 4 jakes several hens the big guy he took and several more toms gobbling he didn't see.I didn't go[confused]
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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