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This was sent to me by the div.

The following Deer Management Zone Boundary Description is for Deer
Management Zone 5. The description as it appears in the 2005 Hunting
Issue of the Fish and Wildlife Digest is incorrect. The DMZ information
on the Division of Fish and Wildlife website has been updated and is
correct. We apologize for any confusion.

DMZ 5: That portion of Warren and Sussex counties lying within a
continuous line beginning at the intersection of Rt. 521 (Owassa
Road/Mountain Road) and Beavans Road; then southeast along Rte 521
(Mountain Road/Kemah-Mecca Lake Road) to the intersection with Rte. 633
(Kemah Lake Road); north on Rte. 633 (Kemah Lake Road) its intersection
with Rte. 206 then south on Rte. 206 to its intersection with Rt. 519
Branchville; then south along Rt. 519 to its intersection with Rt. 206
at Newton; then south along Rt. 206 to its intersection with Rt. 517 at
Andover; then south along Rt. 517 to its intersection with Rt. 46 at
Hackettstown; then west along Rt. 46 to its intersection with the
Delaware River at Manunkachunk; then north along the east bank of the
Delaware River to its intersection with the Zone 4 boundary at the
Delaware Water Gap north and west of Quarry Road; then northeast along
the base of the Kittatinny Ridge to its intersection with Beavans Rd at
the Hampton Twp. – Frankford Twp. border; then southeast along Beavans
Rd. to the beginning intersection with Rt. 521 at Mountain Road/Owassa

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