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Attention Volunteers: Share your Skills With Our Youth!

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The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife's Pequest Natural Resource
Education Center in Oxford, Warren County is looking for qualified
fishing instructors to help out with their fishing education programs
from the months of April to the end of October. Fishing programs are
scheduled seven days a week at Pequest. If you are a member of the
Wildlife Conservation Corps and enjoy working with our youth, ages eight
and up, please join the Pequest Education Staff for a training session
on Saturday afternoon, April 30, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. (registration is

We will tell you all about our programming and how you may help us. The
training will then be followed with a brief tour of the Pequest Trout
Hatchery. Refreshments will also be served. If interested, please call
the Pequest Natural Resource Education Center at 908-637-4125 Mondays
through Sundays and ask for Carole, Mimi, or Jessica.

If you currently are not a member of the Division's volunteer program
and would still like to volunteer to help with the fishing programs at
Pequest, you can still call to register for the training on April 30 at
908-637 4125.
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