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My dad was born and raised up there in Tyler!
Do you have family there? Theres still only like 70 people in the whole town
No family, but a good friend of mine owns a cabin out there with five acres, he belongs to a club that owns land that borders Parker Dam state park. (Cant think of the clubs name) Basically we are surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of huntable land.

The town of Tyler (if you want to call it a town LOL) is small, seventy people sounds about right, if not a little on the high side.:D I wouldnt be surprised if the population triples during hunting season. Lots of guys from Ohio own camps there, the locals call them "road hunters". The only place Ive been to with an even smaller population was Kokadjo Maine. It basically consists of a husband and wife and someone else. (population of three) NO JOKE......the rest of the people that go there are snowmobilers, hunters, and fisherman. Absolutely gorgeous though....Just like Parker Dam.

Anyway, Ive been going out there every year now for the past four years. I love it...[up][up]

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that hunting club your refering to actually owns part of the ground my grandparents used to own many years ago!

the ground your talking about runs the length of RT. 255 north into weedville....

i know almost everyone up there so we probably have a mutual friend!:)
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