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Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing custom made arrows. This is what I can offer. Please let me know what you think.
Nothing is available as of yet, but it will be pretty soon. Just give me an idea as to what you would be looking for.

*See standard arrow description below.
**See custom options below


ICS Hunter(camo) arrows $82.50

ICS Classics (wood-grain) arrows $82.50

ICS hunter (black) arrows $67.50

ICS hawk (black) arrows $58.50


C2 Mossy Oak arrows $82.50

Carbon Excel (black) arrows $58.50

ST Axis (black) arrows $84.50


Traditional hunter arrows $66.50

Adv. Timber expedition arrows $66.50

Expedition hunter arrows $58.50

*Standard arrows come fletched left helical with 4" AAE plastifletch elite vanes. Uni-Nocks installed, inserts loose.

**For custom arrows please add the following to the above prices.

5" AAE vanes add $2.00

4" tru-flight feathers add $12.00

5" tru-flight feathers add $14.00

Straight fletch add $4.00
Right Helical fletch add $4.00

Cut arrows to length add $4.50

Inserts installed add $2.00

Color choice (vanes & nocks) add $5.00

Crest wraps
Solid White add $7.00
Colored with graphics add $9.00

I will post pics of the crests when I get a chance to scan them in.

Have a good one---Matt

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Matty, have you ever heard of Quisckstrike arrows by Quest? I met a guy who was using them the other day. Didnt get a chance toto ask him anything about them though. They are carbons....They look nice and was wondering if you new anything about them. If you have any info on them like are they quality arrows,what would be reasonable prices and where I can get them that would be great.

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United States Marine Corps Crests

Wraps may be available for purchase separately within a few weeks. So if you see anything you like, just let me know, and I will tell my friend. Its not final yet, but I believe he will be charging $12.50 for a dozen specialty wraps, and $20 for customs.

Nothing is final though, I just wanted to get a feel for the want and need for this stuff.

Maybe we could design a Newjersey hunter wrap too???

Any thoughts on that?

Have a good one---Matt
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