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Anyone here hunting zone 4 this Saturday with the smokepole? I'll be hunting with Brownstones, if any of you guys from zone 4 want to hunt let me know

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I thought I replied to this before.

I am hunting with Ole'Betsey my 1-60" twist sidelock mountain carbine since I have meat in the freezer.

I am planning on trying a new spot I found near the Flatbrook. Hopefully the pheasant hunters will move some deer into my sights. Once the area is overrun with pheasant hunters I will go for breakfast at the Layton Store. Then to the Walpack Knob or the hill along the Buttermilk Falls road (pheasant Hunters below on the fields move them up there also) or to Paquarry Flats south of Millbrook.

I wouldn't mind hooking up with you guys also.
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