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Anyone hunt in Bernardsville?

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I have been hunting down there for 6 year's off of 202.
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I used to hunt it, until two seasons ago. had 13 acres off Anderson Rd. There were so many deer that the owner got fed up and fenced in all 13 acres with an 8' high fence.[sad] I could literally shoot a deer a day out there. Unfortunately, there is only so much venison one can consume and give away.
That's fuuny the guy next to where I hunt has his house fenced in with 8 foot fence . I hunt on 6 acres off of MT Harmany RD
My 2nd best buck ever came out of Bernardsville in 2003.
Yes there are some nice buck's down there
The property I hunted was actually off Stevens Road, a private road off of Anderson Rd. The neighboring property belonged to the Champion Mortgage guy, you know, "If your bank says no, Champion says yes"! Man, I think I'm gonna shed some tears, thinking about that place knowing I can't hunt it anymore.
The only thing bad about Bernardsville is getting your permit back form Joe the animal control guy. He suck's he has my permit form June still not back . I guess I will have to call his boss again.
My brother-in-law just moved to a place off Mt Airy Road. Looks like supreme deer country if you can score permission.
Oh it's supreme all right, but you said it, only IF you can score permission. Definately some BIG bucks out there.
Bob if you can say what road he's living on. The house next to were I hunt was just sold for 1,725,00. It is nut's what house's down there are going for. Yes it is good deer country hunt between house is great
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I did some work at the Bernardsville Landfill last week - saw a six pointer and an eight pointer milling around in the woods
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