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Anyone ever have any problems with law enforcement?

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Last year I was told by the police I couldn't be on WMA land after 9:00pm. and until 5:00am. He was very polite and didn't write me a ticket, but I still need to be there. The signs clearly state that time but also clarifies, "unless engaged in lawful hunting, fishing or trapping activities." He wouldn't budge. Saying, sorry but I only know nobody can be in here this late. I have been up there several times since but always park in a different parking lot. The last thing I want is some overly suspicious cop seeing me come out of the woods with a weapon and arresting me. I explained to him it was **** hunting season, but at the time I wasn't carrying any firearms, just two 10 week old Walker pups. What should I do? Fish and wildlife ain't open that late, so I can't call them if I have another problem.
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Call f&G to clarify the regs to him reguarding lawful activities and those special types of seasons.
"unless engaged in lawful hunting, fishing or trapping activities."
thats the law, not open to his interpretation.
you can **** hunt at night. check your trapline at night. track deer at night. frog gigg at night. all legal.

his ticket would never stick.
although it wouldnt stick you still lose a days wages for bs
Call the PD BEFORE you head out and explain the situation to the lieutenant or sergeant on duty.
call fish and game and verify the rights to be on the property. if the cops continue to give you a hard time, just make a call to the police department letting them know their officers are bothering you and dont know the hunting and fishing laws.
I would call F& old are you im just curious
Guess how old first. Then I'll answer. lol.
Law enforcement have to notify F&G for any fish or wildlife infractions, CO's will only show if needed, and this doesnt sound like they would be needed...
Guess how old first. Then I'll answer. lol.
well you seemed to handle this well so im guessing...30?'s
Oh, good. I was afraid njgunner would respond and ask if I was 10 or something...I'm 25.
eh, i wasnt too far off. haha. the law enforcement where i hunt think its a sport to harass us. Have the Hunters digest in your truck at all times so you can show them if they ask. that always helps. proves your innocence and informs them of the laws
Yes, I think a law book might help with another cop too. But last time I was standing in the parking lot next to a sign that had the restrictions and exceptions on it and he didn't seem to wanna cooperate with me. haha. Oh well. Guess sometimes stuff happens and people make mistakes. I really don't think the guy was trying to be a jerk. He probably just misunderstood and was trying to do his job, but he did wreck my plans that evening and made me a little nervous about what to do next time.

I think next time if I get kicked out I'll just leave quietly and then in the morning I'll call fish and wildlife and ask them to kindly forward the wma regulations to the Police department since they seem to be doing the enforcing of the parking areas at night. That should resolve any future conflicts without too much stress.
More like a deer hunter not wanting his deer pushed around. even a anti cop knows he can't stop you from lawful hunting and must call a co, hold you or write the ticket. best to get this figured out before you can carry a rifle on the 1st. then it can get ugly. contact your co and keep your book with ya.
he probably know about a good buck or two in the area.just wants to deter you from hunting there,that way he can save it for him and his buddies.
yeah,it happens.
Or just maybe he doesnt know the correct rules about hunters being on WMA's. They might be having issues with people that arent suppose to be on the land at night causing problems, littering,dumping stolen property,lewd acts, drinking/drugs what ever it may be. Maybe he was just trying to do the right thing.

He said the cop was very polite, I would call the CO let them know and then maybe call the shift commander and see what they know about the rules of the WMA.

What do the cop haters on here think?
Once while getting ready to hunt at Wildcat Ridge I had a member of Rockaway PD show up and tell me I could not hunt there. The last houses on the road going in had anti bear hunt signs and there were some people (probably anti's) at that hawkwatch as I drove by. One of them had called the PD and complained. The officer was not aware that is was F&G hunting property. Luckely I had one of those wild spaces maps in the truck. I showed him and everything was cool.
In your most sarcastic tone explain to him that it is illegal to interfere with or harass a hunter who is legally engaged in hunting activities. Make sure you raise your voice and wave your arms alot! He'll most likely apologize and leave you alone[rofl]
In your most sarcastic tone explain to him that it is illegal to interfere with or harass a hunter who is legally engaged in hunting activities.  Make sure you raise your voice and wave your arms alot!  He'll most likely apologize and leave you alone

OR TAZE YOUR ASS! LOL[rofl][rofl]
"Don't taze me bro"...[rofl]
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