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This has been a pain of mine for many years. Domestic killing machines let loose at the expense of the native populations.

The concept they try to push with this TNR crap is that it keeps a stable population of bird killers that wont grow because they are neutered. They never mention the fact that people are constantly throwing unwanted cats out of cars and thus creating new colonys.

Numerous studies have shown astounding amounts of native species killed by feral cats needlessly each year. All because of peoples inability to see reality as they would rather believe that all animals are equal in any environment, they ignore all studies of invasive species and the destruction caused by them.

I personally smile everytime I see a cat smeared in the road as I know many many other animals where then spared death at its claws.

BTW I have a cat and I love indoor cats, they have no place outside though as thier instincts are deadly.
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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