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I went there for a tournament last august or September. Got a 2.5lb smallie and a 2.5lb largie. It was a really tough day. A VERY TOUGH not knowing the lake I finished 10 out of like 40 boats...winning bag was 5 smallies for 15 pounds. This was on a very tough day lol. on a good day there are multiple bags that are 15-20lbs. winner is usually around 21 22. This spring was crazy. The largies were about the spawn and the smallies were prespawn. People I knew had days where they caught 50 fish and most were 2-4lbs. This lake is crystal clear, you can see down 30feet. Its deep, 210ft at its deepest. Its just loaded with pig smallies and largies. Its definitally worth taking the trip.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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